A trip back in time in our little town

The Kitchen

Blu’s kitchen, like all of the houses in Bosa’s historical centre, is like going back in time to bring the past to the present.

We take pleasure in the details, and those who are familiar with B&B Blu Bosa know that every little corner of B&B Blu Bosa is part of our world, inspired by creatively recycled materials and environmental sustainability. As in all of Blu’s rooms, the kitchen, with its curtain of stringed seashells, hammered copper bowls on the wall and repurposed decorative wooden boxes, is a welcoming and playful blend of modern and retro.

The open-beam ceiling gives a sense of warmth and each aspect of the kitchen recalls the old-fashioned ways of the past, where simplicity reigned supreme – colourful dishware and ceramics on open shelves, a work space organized with all and only-essential equipment and furnishings, wood-framed windows opening onto the cobblestone street below.

We offer abundant breakfasts using local products, fresh home-baking and, wherever possible, organic fresh produce to help our guests start their day in a healthy and nourishing way. On request, we are happy to prepare vegan breakfasts or special dietary breakfasts (gluten-free, celiac, or allergies/intolerances) and organize special occasion dinners.

Our goal is to make our guests feel welcome and at home at B&B Blu Bosa, and our kitchen is our hearth throughout the seasons – whether guests come to enjoy Sardegna’s beautiful springtime, or bask in the balmy days of summer or cozy up by the wood stove and listen to the rhythm of a winter storm against the window.