The wedding of Magda and Boris at the B&B Blu Bosa

Magda and Boris

Participating a wedding makes one feel like part of the event; it involves you emotionally and draws you into the couple’s romantic fairy tale.

Organizing a wedding becomes personal, even if  it’s not your your own. Inadvertently, the act of organizing the event makes one feel like a protagonist rather than an observer, experiencing personally the emotions of the couple.

This is what happened to us when Blu B&B contributed to the realization of this happy event for Magda and Boris.

The day we met for the first time Magda and Boris seemed like two tourists from Germany in search of relaxing and enjoying a few days soaking in the Sardegnian sun.

us that there was a “second intention” for the vacation, that is, Boris would ask Magda for her hand in marriage, we felt like special witnesses to their love story.

Magda and Boris spent their romantic engagement vacation wandering Bosa’s ancient cobblestone lanes and returned exactly one year later to Blu to get married and share their dream-come-true with us.

On that special day, B&B Blu Bosa was their home and it was a pleasure for us to prepare it for them, an expression of our wish for a lifetime of eternal love. Neighbours and guests joined in the happy event and Magda and Boris were surrounded by warmth, friendship and caring attention. Magda and Boris spent their wedding and honeymoon with us and we will always remember them with special fondness, feeling that we were participants in this lovely moment of their life together.


Wedding Blu

Bosa’s evocative atmosphere makes our romantic Blu B&B the perfect place to organize an unforgettable and elegant wedding in an enchanting setting.

Beth and Petr

Beth and Petr

We met Beth and Petr by chance, but learning that B&B Blu Bosa would be where they would realize their dream to be married filled our hearts with joy. Still today, the thought of having participated in their wedding makes us emotional. Because sharing that special day with Bettina and Peter has brought our lives together and and showed us that genuine sentiments, acts and love are more important than material possessions.

Wedding Blu

Wedding Blu

If you want to live out a fairy tale and unite in marriage in a place filled with enchantment and romance we would be pleased and honoured to help you plan the wedding you've always dreamed of. Blu Bosa accommodates guests as if they were part of a big family. The welcoming atmosphere and our willing and helpful participation makes this the ideal place to begin your new life together.