With a 360 degree view over the medieval town of Bosa

The Zen Terrace

How important is it to rest the mind and leave one’s worries on the doorstep?

Learning to do so everyday is a challenge for most of us, but there are places that make it possible to forget the pressures and stress of daily life.

You just need to find yourself in the right place.

Blu Bosa embraces this philosophy of life, creating space for serenity and harmony, where a positive ambience is shared with all who come to visit.

Our zen terrace reflects this serenity, a place where  daily worries and stress evaporate. From the moment you step into this magical spot, you enter a new dimension where the tranquility of a sunset meets the sweet sounds of silence.

With a 360 degree view over the medieval town of Bosa, the zen terrace gives guests a sense of relaxation and balance, of time slowing down, a place to enjoy a moment of solitude.

You might find yourself enamoured with the palette of clay rooftops in the town below, or perhaps lose yourself  in the ever-changing colour and light of the Temo river as it winds its way to the sparkling Mediterranean sea in the distance. You might sway on the hammock and watch the sky or just laze away some time doing absolutely nothing.

The zen terrace is a place where “relax” is the order of the day, where tranquillity comes naturally.

After a long walk on along the shore or a visit up to the Castle of Bosa, after a day at the beach or an excursion into town, the zen terrace awaits, an oasis to rest your body and mind. We can picture you writing in your trip diary or listening to music on your own: here is the place where you can unplug from your daily routine and just let go… because the zen terrace of Blu Bosa is a place where living in the moment and being with yourself, encircled by nature, replenishes your spirits with the magic of Bosa and with our wish to make you feel at home.